Blue Mesa, AZ  Photo: Darin Principe

Blue Mesa, AZ Photo: Darin Principe

MindWorks Clinic


Psychiatric Evaluation
Medication Management
Mindfulness Based Counseling & Education
Pharmacogenetic Testing

What are the sessions like?

As your provider, my main goal is to allow you the time you need to feel confident and comfortable with the treatment decisions we make in collaboration.  Generally, the initial evaluation is about 90 minutes and therapeutic interventions are initiated at the first session and then customized and built upon at each subsequent visit, which are typically 30-45 minutes in duration.    Depending on severity and length of illness, it may be necessary to have one or two additional longer sessions.  

The frequency of our sessions and the duration of your treatment are mainly dependent on the severity and persistence of your symptoms and its effects on the functionality of your daily life.  I will generally see clients within two to four weeks after our first visit and usually no longer than four weeks apart if any medication changes are made.  When together we feel that your symptoms have stabilized and the medications are working well your appointments can then be extended to every three to possibly every six months. 

Initial 60 minute consult & evaluation $450
30 minute medication follow-up $225

We are currently cash pay only but we can give you a superbill for possible reimbursement by your insurance carrier.

Payment Forms
We are able to accept HSA/FSA cards, major credit and debit cards for payment.

Cancellation Policy
For cancellations made less than two business days in advance, we charge the full fee for the missed session. This fee is not billable to insurance and is the patient's responsibility.  Late cancellations due to emergencies will be evaluated on a case by case basis.